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Monday, April 23, 2012

Shelley Manne - Hot Coles

Another crazee lp I dragged over from the CP blog. Shelly gathered up a bunch of mid '70's LA session men and turned out an lp of  Cole Porter arrangements that would not have been out of place on a nice space-age bachelor  pad recording. Spool thread on the reel to reel baby 20 years too late...

 This recording comes with permission from our sadly missed friend Arkadin. Swing cats, swing!!

1. From This Moment On
2. Easy To Love
3. Get Out Of Town
4. Begin The Beguine
5. Night And Day
6. All Of You
7. Love For Sale
8. In The Still Of The Night

Shelly Manne - drums, percussion
Tom Scott - flute, soprano sax

Oscar Brashear - trumpet
Tommy Tedesco - guitar

Victor Feldman - piano
Mike Wofford - electric piano
Chuck Domanico - electric bass
Mailto Correa, Moacir Santos - percussion

Flying Dutchman Records BDL1-1145

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