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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Red Norvo Quintet - HI-FIve

In light of my recent faux pas and not thoroughly researching musicians I had never heard, so rather than make that mistake again...here are the story on the players on this 1957 Red Norvo date...

The bass player was a scenester from 52nd St. The drummer was a Central Ave. denizen and a bit of a swing veteran. The horn player went on to compose many TV soundtracks, and the guitar player was already reknown for his western swing playing, and unfortunately passed away just earlier this year.

While only listed as "supervision", Shorty Rogers fingerprints are all over this thing.

Aaah, once again, warts and all, a mono lp copy...

Red Norvo Quintet

1. First Things First
2. IF I Love Again.
3. Confessin' That I Love You
4. Everything I've Got Belongs To You
5. Live and Let Live
6. Soft Winds
7. Punkin' Head
8. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
9. Easy Does It
10. Cabin In The Sky
11. Copy Cat
12. Move

Red Norvo - vibes
Bill Douglass - drums
Bob Carter - bass
Bob Drasnin - flute, clarinet & alto sax
Jimmy Wyble - guitar
Shorty Rogers - supervision

RCA Victor LPM- 1420


the doc said...

nice!! the companion to my offerings: http://jazzy62-jazzyblues.blogspot.com/2010/02/red-norvo-naturally-forward-look.html

q3mi4 said...

tried to look at the "companion" link, unfortunately it seems to be friends-only. is there a private message option here on blogger?

Baron said...

Cheers from the Baron - missed this one - how?