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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bunny Berigan and his Orchestra

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in modern jazz or hard bop from he 50s and 60s that I forget where it all started. I know it really started with Dixieland but I still struggle with that. But sometimes early swing is where it is at. Bunny seems to always reside in the shadow of Bix (who passed before him), and Louis, but for my money he was every bit as fascinating. I first became aware of Bunny when living in Wisconsin so I felt an affinity for the local boy. Too bad his weakness was stronger than he was.

Im not at all sure where these records were originally released. All the tracks but the 1st three, which were recorded in 1936, were recorded in 1938. I hadn't played this record in years when I pulled it out and it has since resided in the play pile for at least the last month. Time to share it with my friends.

Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra

1. On Your Toes
2. Dardanella
3. That's a Plenty
4. I Never Knew
5. Wearing Of The Green
6. Sunday
7. Will You Remember Tomorrow Tonight
8. Black Bottom
9. I'll Always Be In Love With You
10. Sing You Sinners
11. Mahogany Hall Stomp
12. Taint So, Honey Taint So

Featured performers include Georgie Auld, Joe Dixon, Joe Bushkin, Ray Coniff, and Johhny Blowers.


Because the record is so short, it afforded me the opportunity to also include an lp of Bunny's more commercial recordings from the same period. Who couldn't forgive me for including the absolutely golden standard I Can't Get Started. This version will never be topped.

This is why i love jazz more than any other music. I can stumbled across something that i haven't heard in years and it has lost none of its lustre. And it was recorded about the time my parents were born!!

Interesting to note is Benny Goodmans inclusion on Bix' "Davenport Blues." Kathleen Lane sang on "I Cried..."

Bunny Berigan
I Can't Get Started

1. I Can't Get Started
2. Peg O My Heart
3. Davenport Blues
4. I Cried For You
5. Ain't She Sweet
6. Walkin The Dog
7. Can't Help Lovin Dat Man
8. Night Song

QJ - 25081 MONO

Both of em


BlueNote97 said...


Thank you very much.Sure I will enjoy a lot.

brianbrora said...

A very welcome post, many thanks. Bunny Berigan's own orchestra was short lived due to him not being a very good businessman. However, between 1930 and 1940 he recorded for countless top orchestras, including Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Paul Whiteman.
PS..I've just posted a Ruby Braff album ''Hi-Fi Tribute To Bunny'' on my own blog. Best Regards and thanks again.

Guldhamstern said...

Thanks you for this.
I'm a little bit confused. There are 20 tracks listed on the blog but 22 in the shared file.

Hookfinger said...

Aw hell, I'm confused as well. No one else mentioned it. i will try to go back and figure it out but you may have to realize, this ain't the most professional blog out there, and glitches are to be expected.