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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mal Waldron - The Whirling Dervish

Another of Waldron's early 70's output, this was recorded in Paris in May of '72.
After my last posting I found this in the cd player frequently over the next few days.
This is a particularly nice trio session with the opening piece entering in at a lengthy 25 minutes. Sure it requires some attention but the rewards are great. The title tune proves to be aptly named as spins off at a quick pace. It is a bit more accesible but never short of ideas, takes an interesting turn as Waldron lays out for a bit and then makes a sly re entry. The final piece, the shortest, Walk is the closest to a standard post bop entry. Once again the title reflects the feel of the music as we stroll away from the lp feeling satisfied and happy.

I don't believe this lp is terribly hard to come by, but it seems to be criminally overlooked.

Mal Waldron - piano
Peter Warren - bass
Noel McGhie - drums

Mal Waldron - The Whirling Dervish (America (F) 30 AM 6128)


il angelo said...

thanks hook, one definitely worth purchasing, don't doubt a minute about you returning toit time and again,it's my experience too.

Hookfinger said...

you're welcome angelo. Always happy to share great stuff.

Unknown said...

thanks a lot

Sivad said...

Thanks for that post!

thoth said...

noel mcghie is a drummer i am always trying to hear more of. thank you for sharing. look forward to it.