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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Linda Lawson - Introducing

 Tonight is the occasional vocal offering. Not much out there to be found about Miss Lawson. This is a pretty decent record that was never destined to set the world on fire.
 Here's the rub. The backing band was put together by Marty Paitch. We know that Paitch used Art Pepper whenever he could. This would have been recorded during Pepper's break from incarceration. Even though he is not listed in the personnel, some of the solos are his without a shred of doubt. Now I'm not a research guy (Straight Life is 3 ft, away) so maybe this is common knowledge and I just don't remember it.
 Either way this is an opportunity to offer up a nice record on a Saturday evening. A nice mix of enjoyable covers of evergreens and a few oddballs thrown in for good measure.
 Best part is, it was offered to me by a friend who digs the blog.

1. Are You With Me
2. Where Flamingos Fly
3. But Beautiful
4. Me and My Shadow
5. You Don't Know What Love Is
6. Easy To Love
7.Meaning Of The Blues
8. Mood Indigo
9. Like Young
10. Hi-Lilli-Hi-Lo

Jimmy Rowles (piano);
Bud Shank (alto, sometimes);
Art Pepper - alto
Med Flory (baritone sax);
Bill Perkins (tenor sax);
Al Porcino, Stu Williamson, Jack Sheldon (trumpets);
Frank Rosolino (trombone);
 Bill Pitman (guitar);
Joe Modragon (bass);
 Mel Lewis (drums)


Hookfinger said...


there ya go. comments welcome.

JH said...

Timely, as Marc Myers just did a profile post on her last month:



Al Porcino, Stu Williamson and Jack Sheldon (tp); Frank Rosolino (tb); Bud Shank (as); Bill Perkins (ts); Med Flory (bar); Jimmy Rowles (p); Bill Pittman (g); Joe Mondragon (b); Mel Lewis (d); and the Hollywood String Ensemble.

Jakdolesa said...

Looking forward!!!

Saltambique said...

Very nice, Thanks.

Bhowani said...

I thought I was this kind of Pepper completist and this one is a real miracle for me ! I don't understand how I could ignore it in spite of all the discographies I've (badly !) read ! You've made my day !
With all my gratitude !

Hookfinger said...

JH - never heard of Marc Myers blog before, but you are the second person to mention it recently. Checked it out and it's pretty cool. Something I should check more often. Thanks.

Escomambo said...

Paich, Pepper, etc. with a competent songstress...
'where flamingos fly' is exquisite

Prof. Yaffle said...

Thank you