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Thursday, March 21, 2013

John Lindberg - Trilogy Of Works For Eleven Instruments

I've been trying to load the record up for weeks but can never think of the right things to say. The music seems ragged and yet always fits. Kinda like when you first heard Mingus. This will never reach those heights but that should not be reason to dismiss this entertaining set. Three pieces written by Lindberg, with Braxton conducting for the recording.

1. Holler
2. m to M
3. Dresden Moods

Hugh Ragin - trumpet
Mike Mossman - trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Ray Anderson - trombone
Vincent Chancy - french horn
Marty Ehrlich - alto sax, flute, piccolo
J. D. Parran - tenor sax, clarinet
Pablo Calogero - Baritone sax
Alan Jaffe - electric guitar
Eric Watson - piano
John Lindberg - bass
Thurman Baker - drums, bells, and xylophone

recorded Sept 8/9, 1984

Black Saint BSR 0082


Hookfinger said...

Hello friends...


My pleasure

JH said...

Looks like only one track was included in the archive (track 2) along with art...!

flat5 said...

I find one piece in the archive.

02 M To M - Ray Anderson with Anthon.mp3

Jakdolesa said...

Marty Ehrlich and Ray Anderson in 1984? Thanks a lot!!!
: )

Hookfinger said...

Not sure what happened there...hopefully this fixes it. Thanks for the heads up!!


Wallofsound said...

Thanks. This looks great

hideo said...

Lindberg is scarce on the Web -- thanks, Hook

Anonymous said...

thank you kind sir!