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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pharoah Sanders - The Latin Jazz Quintet Featuring PS

I was going to post this awhile back until someone asked for the Live at The East record so I want to get back to it now before it disappears in the stacks.

I picked this lp up for, not surprisingly, next to nothing. First off it is a reissue of an older scarcer lp and second the very idea may be a bit hard to swallow. I won't snow you and tell you this is a great lost classic or anything but it is a fun record. I'm always interested when I discover something that puts my favorites in a unusual setting. I wonder what the reaction was to this upon initial release.

 Unfortunately there is very little info to go by on the sleeve. What I gather is that PS has actually joined a handful of musicians who play under the moniker "The Latin Jazz Quintet". These fellows hold their own and the compositions are theirs, nothing written by Sanders. One of the things I like about this record is that Sanders plays within the ensemble, and isn't necessarily the focus of the lp. He seems to be having fun playing some swinging solos including a couple on the soprano sax.
 You're not gonna find anything even vaguely outside here.You won't walk away feeling like you have been cheated outta 40 minutes either.

The Latin Jazz Quintet featuring Pharoah Sanders

1. Oh! Pharoah Speak
2. Daria
3. The Dues Payer
4. Harlem
5. Midnight Monturo
6. P's and Q's



Hookfinger said...

I got this email from our friend sandor...


i have found the info below on PS & latin 5et.
i have tried to post it in comment on your site, but i was unable to understand the final formalities.

so that is here :

The Latin Jazz Quintet-Oh! Pharoah Speak Trip 8008 USA rec mid 60s? Pharoah Sanders-ts; Melvin Lastie-cor; Lonnie Hillyer-tp; Jack Jeffers-tb; Kiane Zawadi-tb; Harold Vick-ts; Hugh Brody-ss;
Chuck Rainey-el-b; Alex Lane-b; Cornell Dupree-el-g; Stanley Johnson-p; George Gould-p; Ray Armando-perc; John Griggs-perc;
Ray Lucas-perc; Earl Williams-perc; Pete Jackson-perc; Virgil Jones-tp,flh; Bill Ellington-b; Jerry Patterson-el-g;
Tommy Derrick-perc; Juan Amalbert-perc
The Dues Payer Daria Midnight Montuno Treasure of Sierra Madre (Gold of the Mother Mountain) Shake a Lady Haarlem P's and Q's Oh! Pharoah Speak

it's very similar; it's a very big quintet; i think it can be the same session
(two different editions; in the 60's it was courant that national versions was different).

great thanks from

Thanks sandor!

michael said...

This one is a bit of a mystery, however to add the above comments, go to:




This may help solve / deepen the mystery that surrounds this album

KingCake said...

What a find! These guys also did two albums with Dolphy although it looks like here the 'Quintet' is joined by quite a bit more than just Pharoah. The material with Dolphy is odd, it sounds like they made an album and he came in and laid solos over it - there is no sign that he was ever in the same room in terms of interaction or response - I hope in this case it is a bit more integrated.

trane said...

More info on this session

Pharoah Sanders ts
Melvin Lastie cor
Lonnie Hillyer tp
Jack Jeffers tb
Kiane Zawadi tb
Harold Vick ts
Hugh Brody ss
Chuck Rainey elb
Alex Lane b
Cornell Dupree elg
Stanley Johnson p
George Gould p
Ray Armando perc
John Griggs perc
Ray Lucas perc
Earl Williams perc
Pete Jackson perc
Virgil Jones tp, flh
Bill Ellington b
Jerry Patterson elg
Tommy Derrick perc
Juan Amalbert perc

1.The Dues Payer
3.Midnight Montuno
4.Treasure of Sierra Madre
5.Shake a Lady
7.P's and Q's
8.Oh! Pharoah Speak

Released as The Latin Jazz Quintet - Oh! Pharoah Speak - Trip 8008

There is another issue of this record with only 6 songs - Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders with Latin Jazz Quintet - Upfront 150

The exact date is unknown. The Latin Jazz Quintet with Juan Amalbert as a leader is the same Latin Jazz Quintet that recorded 2 dates with Dolphy in the beginning of the 60s. And this sound!! It's a very large quintet, of course.