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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coleman Hawkins - Crown LPs

Even if you have never heard these records before they are as comfortable as that jacket that Woodie Allen has worn in his last 15 movies. You can be hipper than Woodie. Swing to these groovy tunes laid down in the early 60's.

Here's a pair of Hawk lps on the Crown label. How the hell do they end up there?
I upgrade these records every chance I get but ya just don't see em around much. As a matter of fact the current copy of the earlier lp was purchased sans cover but was still in better shape than the one I had at the time.

A double dose of Bean...same band both sessions.

Coleman Hawkins and his Orchestra
1. Bean In Orbit
2. After Midnight
3. Hassle
4. Moodsville
5. Stalking

The Hawk Swings
6. Cloudy
7. Almost Dawn
8. Stake Out
9. Cross Town
10. Shadows

Coleman Hawkins - tenor sax
Thad Jones - trumpet
George Duvivier - bass
Eddie Costa - piano, vibes
Osie Johnson - drums

Crown Records CST 206 and CLP 5207


blissedout said...

These Hawks sets are really nice disc-coveries. Thanks!!!


thanks and lots of love and best wishes

Anonymous said...

Wonderful choices to compliment each other.
Thanks Hook!

flat5 said...

I bought these new for 88 cents each
Ralph's Market in Van Nuys, Ca. about 1962.

Been waiting years for them to show up in a blog.

Thank you!

puremagicmatador said...

cant get enough hawk or thad jones, the real first family of jazz....thanks again

Peter said...

Good music, and nice to see a session reunited from two discs!

cabralhenrique said...

Great recordings, two true gems!! thanks a lot for the rarities!!

Dirk Bill said...

A great post. Thanks again, Hook!

Sorry too about all the storage server nonsense. Most all of the SendSpace links are good, but... the current scene is weird. And getting weirder.