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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra - Hodge Podge

Recently a discussion about "swing era" bands came up with a few friends. The usual was bandied about. But surprisingly when Duke was mentioned, most folk almost always referred to the the Blanton/Webster phase.
I spent a couple of days wrestling with whether or not Duke was a swing band and how I was going to explain my position. A listen to Cottontail chased those thoughts straight from my head.

It's simply crazy how much Duke recorded back in the day. Even crazier is how there was enough time for his compatriots to record all this stuff under their own names.

However they worked it out, we are all richer because of it.
Nary a famous orchestra song among the bunch. Awesome...but I bet you could track these songs down elsewhere easily enough.

Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra

1. Jeep's Blues
2. Rendevouz With Rhythm
3. Empty Ballroom Blues
4. Krum Elbow Blues
5. I'm In Another World
6. Hodge - Podge
7. Dancing On The Stars
8. Wanderlust
9. Dooji Woodji
10. Savoy Strut
11. Rent Party Blues
12. Good Gal Blues
13. Finesse
14. Home Town Blues
15. Dream Blues
16. Skunk Hollow Blues

Johnny Hodges - alto and soprano sax
Cootie Williams - trumpet
Lawrence Brown - trombone
Harry Carney - baritone sax
Duke Ellington - piano, arrangements
Billy Taylor - bass
Sonny Greer - drums

track 13 - Hodges, Ellington, Greer only
track 15 - Billy Strayhorn replaces Ellington on piano
track 16 - Jimmy Blanton replaces Taylor on bass

recorded 1938/39
1974 Columbia products reissue



neil said...

Many thanks for the opportunity to hear Harry Carney, also!

Terry said...

Thanks for this classic Hodges.

aroonie said...

Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra - Hodge Podge

Many thanks for posting this gem

OldHippieRick said...

True gems indeed and thanks ~ ☮ldhippierick

new site for "Jazz and Blues All Day"

all are welcomed

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful lp. And it's of course a swing band, especially the Blanton-Webster aggregation.

By the way, except for the last tune on this very lp, Mr. Billy Taylor is heard on bass.

Question: do you have the exact recording dates? They aren't listed on the lp.

Otis Foster said...

March 1938 through December 1939. Released on Epic LP LG3105 amongst others.

Hook, I ripped this in FLAC before I realized you had it, but if you want my files, I can upload them.

Hookfinger said...

@Otis - I would love that my friend. I still struggle with uploading flac. Someday someone will show what I need to do...till then we have our heroes.