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Monday, June 28, 2010

Benny Golson - The Other Side Of Benny Golson

I love the warmth Golson coaxed out of his horn on these early lps, this being his fourth as leader.
The addition of Curtis Fuller on the front line and the absence of a trumpet, give this lp a laid back summer night feel.

There's not much I can tell you jazz fans about the band, all familiar faces. This is just a nice record I don't see much. Enjoy!

And don't you dig the cover, a precursor to what would become standard in the hippie movement in just a few years.

Benny Golson
The Other side of..

1. Strut Time
2. Jubilation
3. Symptoms
4. Are You Real?
5. Cry A Blue Tear
6. This Night

Benny Golson - tenor sax
Curtis Fuller - trombone

Barry Harris - piano

Jymie Merrit - bass

Philly Joe Jones - drums

recorded Nov 12, 1958

Riverside 290


OldHippieRick said...

Thanks the ex took my copy now Strut Time is back ~ rick

Baron said...

Thanks Hookfinger ... Baron VB

chuchuni said...

I am lucky enough to own a cd copy. It was re-issued on cd as part of the OJC series in the early 90's, along with some other beautiful titles such as Grooving with Golson.

True, Golson's warm sound is special - close to Ben Webster's but not as "fat" and with a lesser use of vibrato.

Incidentally, Golson and Fuller recorded quite often a lot in the late 50's and very early 60's - not only for sessions where Golson was billed as the leader but also for the Jazztet> My only doubt as I write these lines is if both happened to be in Blakey's Messengers at the same time for a studio session, or if there is a live trace recorded somewhere. That happens to me for being so far away from my collection.

Thank you for the memories, Hook :)

PS: to those who never heard this session - do yourself a (big) favour.