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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sidney Bechet ep's

Tonight brings a couple of old Bechet sessions. Short but highly entertaining. I know this stuff has ended up on various compilations before so this is nothing the completest can't drag out. Yes, I cobbed this stuff together from a couple of lps.
 The first session is from that Jazz A La Creole lp. (for those keeping score, my cover is a dull pinkish color, otherwise exactly as above). I have only included the Bechet side because, well, it was the best part of the record. C'mon its a trio with Bechet, Lil Armstrong and Zutty Singleton. This shit is just so cool. It swings in all the best ways.
 Not to be outdone is the Bechet/ Spanier sessions, which swings in a whole different way. No drums, with guitar. These sessions were probably recorded for the H.R.S. I happen to own some crazy West German comp that pools the eps together.
 No matter how much I listen to "modern jazz" I always find myself amazed at this roots stuff.

Jazz A La Creole
1. Milenburg Joys
2. Rockin' Chair
3. Big Butter and Egg Man
4.My Melancholy Baby
5. Limehouse Blues
6. Black Bottom
7. I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues

Sidney Bechet - soprano sax
Lil Armstrong  - piano
Zutty Singleton - drums

Archive of Jazz
1. Sweet Lorraine
2. The Lazy River
3. China Boy
4. Four or Five Times
5. That's A Plenty
6. If I Could Be With You
7. Squeeze Me
8. Sweet Sue, Just You

Sidney Bechet - clarinet and soprano sax
Mugsy Spanier - cornet
Carmen Mastrem - guitar
Wellan Braud - bass


Hookfinger said...

A tip of the hat to flat5 again for the damn fine clean up.



JH said...

Great stuff, thank you!

george said...

Very nice posts.
Thank you!

brianbrora said...

Many thanks. Very, very enjoyable.

Jumpinjeep said...

I'm a little late to the party, but thanks all the same. Love Bechet anytime, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

The Bechet-Spanier Big Four is by far my favorite jazz album and I could listen to their version of Sweet Lorraine on continuous replay forever.

Just a small correction: It is Carmen Mastren (ends in "n") and Wellman Braud.


Muff Diver said...

Thank you Hook for posting these up and for keeping the link open for the past 2+ years!