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Monday, February 4, 2013

Miroslav Vitous - Infinite Search

 When I was just a young lad, still held in the throes of prog, and other lesser 70s ilk, I was the first of my friends to turn my eye in the direction of jazz. At first it was the relatively accessible lps of CTI, then of course the Blue Notes and Impulses but even then these were rarities in the used bins, my main source of records. Easier to find were fusion records and they were the hot item at the time. I fell in line...for awhile. Eventually found the records too...busy for my herbal induced lifestyle, and they fell by the wayside.
 Funny thing about life is everything seems to cycle back through at some point. 30 something years later, and I find I'm listening to fusion again, albeit in a much more particular manner. I've been through free jazz and world music and this stuff doesn't seem as frantic as I remember.
 That's one long winded tale to show off this record which I really dig.
 Released a year after Bitches Brew, with this crew, this can be classified as nothing but fusion. Add to the fact that the session leader plays bass, even though this is his first date as such, you know where you stand before you drop the needle.Still it must have been a buzz being so young and landing this gig, and playing your own tunes as well.(The opener is by Eddie Harris, a fusion dude himself.) It is passionate and awesome. Easily one of my favorite lps of the genre and I am glad I snatched it up when I did, wherever that may have been. Still a bit lost in that herbal cloud.

Infinite Search

1. Freedom Jazz Dance
2.  mountain In The Clouds
3. When Face Gets Pale
4. Infinite Search
5. I Will Tell Him On You
 6. Epilogue*

Miroslav Vitous - bass
Joe Henderson - tenor sax
John McLaughlin - guitar
Herbie Hancock - piano
Jack DeJohnette - drums
Joe Chambers - drums*

recorded NYC 1970
Embryo Records SD 524


Hookfinger said...

'nother vinyl rip....


sasha said...

O yea nothing beats the original vinyl..A killer session..An absolute must-hear..Thanks!

Dirk Bill said...

Yes sir, a fond thanks for this! Very hard to find stuff on the Herbie Mann-founded and short-lived Embryo label. But if you can, check out the Embryo self-titled album by my friend Sandy Nassan, an incredible guitarist from Cincinnati.

Hookfinger said...

Bill, I don't know if you read here but thanks for all the great comments. Please send me a real email address and I will work something out on some of those missing links.

stilladog said...

I have this same album but it's called "Mountain In The Clouds." Same track list, different cover.