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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Bronca Buenos Aries

This came as a recommendation from an acquaintance. I am often suspect of recommendations, more often than not they turn out to be mediocre lps that someone has a personal affinity towards. Not that I don't have many lps in my collection that would easily fall into that category.
 This on the other hand caught me off guard. I was fully expecting a decent '70's brazilian record. I had no idea how cool this thing was gonna be. It easily slides from quiet ensemble passages to Tranesque sax workouts to full modern big band arrangements. Never a misstep

From the liner notes.".recorded and composed in B.A. by Argentinian bassist Jorge Lopes Ruiz in 1971. Based on the writings of Jose tcherkaski and the "El Cordobazo" uprising,"

Bronca Buenos Aries

1. La Cuidad Vacia
2. Relatos
3. Amor Buenos Aries
4. Bronca Buenos Aries

Horacio  "Chivo" Borraro - tenor sax
Fernando  Gelbard - Pianos and flute
Jorge Lopez Ruiz - bass
Carlos "Poncho" Lapouble - drums

Santiago Giacobbe - hammond
Alfredo Remus - electric bass
Enrique "Zurdo" Roizner - drums

the choir and orchestra appear are all locals.

recorded at Estudios  Ion; Buenos Aries; 1971

this is a cd reissue and not the real thing...wmcd-0082


Frasco said...

Hook - many thanks for this rare record. The Cordobazo was an important revolt in 1969 here in the Pampas and I'm old enough to have seen it. But I'm unable to dl. your file, my antivirus find some menace in it. Would you be so kind to check this out?

E-mile said...

nice one Hook! indeed a solid set.
Thanks for your recommendation [:-)

E-mile said...

played it twice today (it's only 33 minutes, right?) both times I enjoyed the hell out of it...next time you present such a BOMB, be sure to recommend it properly [:-)
Just kidding, I was warned by your writing, highly addictive music indeed. again a big THANK YOU !

Hookfinger said...

No problem e-mile. Glad you like it. Always happy to see you around my friend.

Nick said...

Very nice. I've enjoyed his beautiful De Prepo lp since it was reissued a while back, but I had missed this one. Thank you!

Hookfinger said...

Wow nick - thanks for the heads up on De Prepo - I'm not sure I would have looked further but your recommendation prompted me - what a fantastic record!!

Franco said...

Thanks Hook !