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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Blacknuss

This is another one of those records that comes with a background story. I ran across this on a reissue label one day. After looking at it, I decided it wasn't something I was interested in. I mean all those pop songs...this has mistake written all over it.
Next stop and there it was again, beckoning me with a much cooler cover and on the original label. It made it to the buy pile but didn't make the cut before the register.

Enter record store number 3...a tiny joint way off the beaten path. A instrument joint with some records piled along the walls. Bet this shit is rarely picked over and yet here appears another freaking copy of Blacknuss. This time half the price of the last one and in far better shape. Who am I to buck kharma? This time the lp went home with me.

It may not be the most essential record I own, but I sure have a great time listening to it. The one disclaimer I have to make is that even though RRK pulls off a bangin solo on the bridge of Bread's Make It With You...that song is a bad choice by all standards.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk

1. Ain't No Sunshine*
2. What's Goin' On/Mercy Mercy Me
3. I Love You Yes I Do
4. Take Me Girl, I'm Ready
5. My Girl
6. Which Way Is It Going
7. One Nation
8. Never Can Say Goodbye*
9. Old Rugged Cross
10. Make It With You
11. Blacknuss

RRK - flute, tenor sax, stritch, manzello, police whistle, gong and vocals
Billy Butler - guitar*
Sonelious Smith - piano*
Henry Pearson - bass*
Kahli Mhrdi - drums*
Richard Landrum - conga*
Joe Habad Texidor - percussion*
Charles McGhee - trumpet
Dick Griffin - trombone
Cornell Dupree, Keith Loving - guitars
Richard Tee - piano
Mickey Tucker - organ
Bill Salter - bass
Bernard Purdie - drums
Arthur Jenkins - conga, cabassa

produced by Joel Dorn
recorded 1972

Atlantic SD1601

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boogieman said...

Not an essential album, perhaps or even probably in absolute terms. But still it's RRK and they don't make people like him anymore. One could argue that any RRK album is essential, just that some are more essential than others.