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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mal Waldron / Marion Brown - Songs of Love and Regret

Sometimes your hands shake when you stumble across a recording that you have been searching for. And sometimes you stumble across one, and think "this looks cool, I wonder why I never heard of it."
I had the second reaction when I should have had the first. Why some fool dumped this off is beyond me. Praise be to the fool behind the counter that sold it to me for 8 bucks because it was still in an unsorted pile and he didn't feel like dicking around.

As is understood I am a huge Waldron fan and though I haven't posted any Marion Brown I love him as well. I had meant to post this shortly after Marion's passing but it slipped my mind.
This set is mostly covers , although a couple are pretty obscure. "A cause.." is a Waldron original as is "To the Golden Lady" by Brown. "Contemplation" is by Tyner and "Hurry Sundown" by Clarence Williams. The others should not need an introduction. The one remark I will say is Blue Monk (take 2) doesn't feel like an alternate take but mostly just a different take that was always headed for this session.

This has recently become one of my favorite recordings. The lyricism these two share shines on this lp.

1. Blue Monk
2. A Cause de Monk
3. To The Golden Lady In Her Graham Cracker Window
4. Contemplation
5. Hurry Sundown
6. A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
7. Blue Monk (take 2)

Marion Brown - alto sax
Mal Waldron - piano

recorded 11/9-10/85 - Yerres, France on FreeLance records.



rm said...

thank you very much; I'm very curious

swamielmo said...

beautiful album, thanks