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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Illinois Jacquet & Will Bill Davis

This post goes out to Cheeba. A simple, swinging recording that I'm sure he'll dig. I'd have gone with a moldy oldie but that would be cruel. Now that jazzman is back on the scene, let's hope that Cheeba and the family are on the mend. You're missed in the blogosphere.

These recordings from a session in Paris, early 73, saw a very limited release on lp. Somehow or another they made the digital leap in 1986. Is it really possible that the cd has become a viable collector's item? It breaks my pvc heart. Just the same, this disc is over 25 years old. A respectable age for an lp, in my youth. And most of them age didn't wear so well. So here again I am forced again to bring you a cd.

1. No Sweat
2. Blues Skies
3. It Don't Mean A Thing
Blue And Sentimental
4. Pamela's Blues
5. The Man I Love
6. Cottontail
7. What Am I Here For?
8. Blues From New Orleans

Illinois Jacquet - tenor sax
Wild Bill Davis - organ
Al Bartee - drums

Recorded at Barclay studio on 1/15-16/73 by Dominique Samarcq. Originally released on Black & Blue 33044 (1-4, 9) and 33082 (5-8).

Black and Blue 233044


OldHippieRick said...

this one will go great with Swing's the Thing - Cool Rage Session the The Cool Rage featuring Wild Bill Davis, Kenny Burrell and Johnny Wiliams. Thanks ~ rick

rm said...

great post! Thank you very much

brianbrora said...

Nice post, Illinois Jacquet is always good value. One thing - Is that him in the picture? It looks very much like King Curtis to me!!
Best Regards and many thanks for some great records.

Hookfinger said...

Thanks all. Hey Brian! Well the internet says it is Jacquet so it must be right!!
Where you been hiding? Your blog seems to have disappeared.

brianbrora said...

Hi Hookfinger - My blog got taken down by blogger. I've just restored it, but in Private form. Let me know where to send you an invite. If any of your readers want to take a look also, my email is brianbrora@gmail.com

Otis Foster said...

I'ma late arrival, hook, but thanks for sharing what should be a swinging session.