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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hank Jones - Swings Gigi

Hank Jones could have been a star. Maybe he should have been. I'm not sure what Hank wanted. While his personality may have been understated, his playing was not. But he was never the star.
Here we have an infrequent turn as leader. Even better we have a go at the Lerner/Lowe masterpiece. I love the soundtrack to this musical. It has been translated fantastically many different ways. Put this near the top of the list.

Let us also thank the BCB denizen who passed this record my way. This is a rip from his original vinyl We are humbled.

Hank Gones
Swings Gigi

1. Gigi
2. I'm Not Young Anymore
3. Thank Heavens For Little Girls
4. It's A Bore
5. Say A Prayer For Me Tonight
6. Gossip
7. Waltz At Maxim's
8. The Parisians
9. I Remember It Well
10. The Night They Invented Champagne

Hank Jones - piano
Donald Lamond - drums
Arnold Fishkin - bass
Joe Galbraith - guitar

Golden Crest Records
CR 3042


Wallofsound said...

And thankful.

JazzFan said...

All last selections are real gems!
Thank you very much for the big pleasure I had!

MrBill said...

I've long been a fan of Hank Jones - thanks for this rarity!

dreadco said...

So happy to find this album.
Thank a lot!

oscarjaffe said...

Thanks for posting this. But every track is mislabeled!

Hookfinger said...

Could be Tom. If you frequent here you would realize that this is not my forte. Tack listing on the post should be correct.