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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Charlie Parker - Bird Of Paradise

No images for this were found online and the mindless zombies at Kinko's refused to scan it for me citing copyright concerns. Yeah, I'm sure there are no previous violations involved. Anyway, we have the next best technological invention - the cellphone photo.

The record itself contains no performance info whatsoever, other than the subtitle "Broadcasts of rare and Vitriolic Quality".

I grew up on Dylan and Kinks bootlegs. It never occurred to me what a labor of love some of them must have been. It took far more to get this stuff out there back then than it does now in this digital age.

Oh yeah.. the music itself... Well, Bird does not disappoint, but he rarely does. Highlights include this version of Star Eyes, and Cheryl, which I am not familiar with otherwise. Easy to Love is recorded with live with strings.

Hopefully some Bird aficionado can come along and tell us where these songs originated.

Charlie Parker
The Effervescent Indomitable Bird of Paradise

1. Cool Blues
2. Bernie's Tune
3. Don't Blame Me
4. Wahoo
5. Ornithology
6. Embraceable You
7. Star Eyes
8. Ornithology
9. Dynamo A
10. Embraceable You
11. Your Father's Moustache
12. Moose The Mooche
13. Cheryl
14. Easy To Love

This lp was "styled for Custer billings Jr. Fargo ND. I hope he enjoyed it.

Elysium 8008


gilhodges said...

At least the first four tracks here appear to come from a live session in Montreal, 1953 (with Paul Bley on piano!)

Check this: http://tinyurl.com/2f6ety3

Delano 47 said...


Charlie Parker with Strings : Tommy Mace (oboe) Charlie Parker (as) Billy Taylor (p) Tommy Potter (b) Roy Haynes (d) Teddy Blume, Sam Caplan, Stan Karpenia (vln) Dave Uchitel (viola) Billy Bundy (cello) Wallace McManus (harp) Sarah Vaughan (vcl-1) Symphony Sid (mc)

Broadcast, "Apollo Theatre", New York, August 17-23, 1950 Charlie Parker Rec. CP503, CP513,
The following most likely from the above sets (the 6th one ?) Easy to love
Note : Elysium 8008 entitled "Bird of Paradise".

Charlie Parker with the Harris/Jackson Herd : Bill Harris (tb) Charlie Parker, Charlie Mariano (as) Harry Johnson (ts) Sonny Truitt (p) Chubby Jackson (b) Morey Feld (d) Leonard Feather (mc)
Broadcast, "Bandbox", Nex York, February 16, 1953 Your father's moustache (ens vcl) Queen Disc (It)Q-002
Note : The above titles also on Birdbox O1/22, Elysium 8008, Philology (It)W851-2, W120-2, Sound Hills (Jap)SSCD-8017/34 (CD) and CBS (F)466550-2. Leonard Feather is not audible on Queen-Disc (It)Q- 002.

Charlie Parker (as) Bud Powell (p) Charles Mingus (b) Art Taylor (d) Candido Camero (cga) Broadcast, "Birdland", New York, May 30, 1953
Moose the mooche Cheryl Lullaby of Birdland (theme)
Queen Disc (It)Q-002, Stash STBCD2504 -
- Note : First 2 titles also on ESP-Disk (G)3023-2 entitled "Bud Powell-Summer Broadcasts 1953", rest of
this CD see Bud Powell. Entire session on Elysium 8008, Birdbox O1/22, Stash ST380, CD10, JUTB (It)CD3016, Sound Hills (Jap)SSCD-8017/34. On Queen Disc (It)Q-002 the theme is fading out.

Best regards,
Delano 47

keep boppin´ marcel said...

here are the discographical infos from a bird aficionado: this lp is from the unique archive of boris rose. a name legendary in jazz circles. he recorded thousands of radio shows in the 40´s,50´s and 60´s, pressed his own lp´s and selled it. a one man bootleg company. but without him we never heard the greatest live bebop, cool jazz and other stuff.

Date: Summer-fall 1950Place: Poss. Apollo Theater, New York CityGroup: Charlie Parker With StringsRecording: Sounds like a broadcast- Easy to Love

Date: February 7, 1953Place: Chez Paree Nightclub, Montreal, CanadaGroup: Charlie Parker with Valdo Williams or Steep Wade (p), Hal Gaylor or Bob Rudd (b), BillyGraham or Bobby Maloy (d), Dick Garcia (g)Recording: Private Ornithology
Embraceable You

Date: February 16, 1953Place: Bandbox, New York CityGroup: Bill Harris/Chubby Jackson Herd feat. Charlie Mariano (as), Harry Johnson (ts), Sonny Truitt(p), Morey Feld (d), announcement by Leonard Feather during tuneRecording: Radio Broadcast Your Father's Mustache

Date: March 30, 1953Place: Bandbox, New York CityGroup: Charlie Parker Quartet feat. Walter Bishop (p), Kenny O'Brien (b), Roy Haynes (d)Recording: Radio Broadcast
Star Eyes
Dynamo A (Diggin' Diz)
Embraceable You (with Country Gardens tag)

Date: May 30, 1953Place: Birdland, New York CityGroup: Charlie Parker Quintet with Bud Powell (p), Charlie Mingus (b), Art Taylor (d) and Candido(conga)Recording: Broadcast
Moose the Mooche (with conga solo) Cheryl (with conga solo) into Lullaby of Birdland (brief theme with voice-over)

great recordings!!

keep boppin´

Hookfinger said...

You guys freaking rock. I knew Bird brought em outta the woodwork. Thanks for all the info. And thanks for stopping by.

MrBill said...

Some of these tracks are familiar to me, some not. I'll definitely have to check them out. Thanks!

@Delano 47 - Good to see you here - I recognize you from jazzbabel, which I miss a lot. Where are you hanging your hat these days? Have you stayed in touch with any of the JB crew?

duck said...

Greatly appreciate this along with the helpful info posted. thank you all.