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Friday, May 14, 2010

The George Wallington Quintet - Jazz at Hotchkiss

I love this record. I think it is a perfect example of the leap made from bebop to hard bop. It's not about virtuosity, but the ability to get you off your seat.
Two bebop standards, an obscure cover, and two originals, this date should be better known.

Alas this appears to be the only session by this group, a fly by night recording rather than a working quintet.

Somewhere I have more Wallington recordings but they are MIA at this point.

The George Wallington Quintet
Jazz at Hotchkiss

1. Dance of the Infidels
2. Strange Music
3. Before Dawn
4. Ow
5. 'S Make 'T

George Wallington - piano
Donald Byrd - trumpet
Phil Woods - alto sax
Knobby Totah - bass
Nick Stabulahs - drums

recorded Hackensack, NJ. 11/14/57

Savoy MG 12122


SlimStew said...

Thanks---I used to have the live at the Cafe Bohemia record--another good one, and one of Paul Chambers' first New York gigs--this musta' come a little before that one.

chazz said...

Nice to have rip of an LP I have but wish I had "Live At The Bohemia".it's good un' though.You would like "Leonard Feather Presents BOP" on Mode whi8ch maybe the best Non Bird Bird LP ever.

Baron said...

Thanks HF ... one on your site I overlooked ... Baron

Peter said...

Thank you Cap'n!