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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Howard McGhee Sextet

Wow - have I been busy this week! And then over to Philly to see Ken Vandermark last night...great show. But I haven't offered up anything all week...could be a trend with what is looming in my personal life...but just the same, we have here, my friends...albeit not as often....

Part of what I said I wanted to do was offer up some odds and ends - not just easily searchable sessions... here's another short one...

Howard McGhee Sextet

1.Sleepwalker Boogie
2. Dorothy

3. Stoptime Blues

4. Turnip Blood
. Night Mist

6. Coolie - Rini

Milt Jackson - vibes
Howard McGhee - trumpet
James Moody - tenor sax

Hank Jones - piano Ray Brown - bass
J C Heard - drums

I know there were other tracks recorded at this session session but this is all I have. Taken from one of those Hall OF Fame Jazz Greats records. I know you have seen them around. Sorta red/pink covers, bad temple on all the covers....

I don't have this date anywhere else, and it is not the session widely available from this pair available from all the usual suppliers.

A serious post bop session.

JG 611


Wallofsound said...

Many thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Gracias por compartir estos temas.

Pertenecen a la última sesión que Maggie grabó para DIAL en diciembre de 1947.

rubberduck said...

many thanks