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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lee Konitz - Konitz

I have often seen this incorrectly cited as Live at Storyville. Not true - that lp exists I believe, but it is not this one. This is a 10" that was simply released on Storyville records. My cloth ears may be bad but I don't hear anything live on this release. And my research leads me to believe this was recorded at a couple of different sessions, one of which may have been at Storyville in Boston but is not a live date.

The Boston session comprises of Easy Living and Skylark and was recorded 08/06/54. All other sessions were recorded sometime in early 54 in NYC.

It appears these sessions also ended up on a Japanese Black Lion reissue with alternate takes of some songs.

Lee Konitz - Konitz
1. Bop Goes The Leesel
2. Easy Living
3. Mean To Me
4. I'll Remember April
5. 317 East 32nd
6. Skylark
7. Nursery Rhyme
8. Limehouse Blues

Konitz - alto
Ronnie Ball - piano
Peter Ind - bass
Jeff Morton - drums

Storyville 10" LP313

Thanks to my friend Rob who was gracious enough to loan me his copy of this slab o' vinyl.


SlimStew said...

I love this period of Konitz--the Boston gig with Percy Heath and Al Leavitt is great, too. Is this one of the dates released at one time on Black Lion?

Jazzrealities said...

If there might be anyone interested to receive the dates and pers. drop a line. I issued the Lee Konitz disco wayback in 1992 and updated it.


rm said...

thank you very much; almost overlooked it; Michael "jazzrealities" has it all, indded!