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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lonnie Smith - Think!

A Saturday night bonus with some more soul/organ jazz. This time being a Blue Note offering of Lonnie Smith but with Lee Morgan adding additional fire. The additional percussion section is sweet as hell. This terribly hip lp comes from 1968. It is once again a vinyl rescue saved from a box of junk in a relatively cool antiques store. I am happy it was somehow overlooked. The cover of Aretha's Think works surprisingly well. And Slouchin' just rolls along as it should.

BST 84290

1. Son of Ice Bag
2. The Call of the Wild
3. Think
4. Three Blind Mice
5. Slouchin'
Lee Morgan - trumpet
David Newman - tenor sax and flute
Melvin Sparks - guitar
Lonnie Smith - organ
Marion Booker, Jr. - drums
Henry (Pucho) Brown - timbales
Willie Blevins - conga
Noberto Apellaniz - conga


Nick said...

Nice one. I remember being similarly pleased at finding one in an overlooked box tucked away in a corner. "Son of Ice Bag" was always my favorite. I don't know why I know this, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that "icebag" was a particularly potent strain of weed on the west coast around this time. hmmm. anyway, great blog and thanks for sharing this!

Jer.Eps said...

Not to be TOO pedantic but "Think" is a cover for Aretha too - original is the Five Royales, whose shit don't stink neither.

Hookfinger said...

Here's a much nicer rip of the lp. I just did it for another blog but someone beat me to it.