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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sadao Watanabe - Pamoja

 Here's one you don't see around much. I stumbled across this little beauty in a little record store on my last visit to Chapel Hill. I probably wouldn't have given this a second look if it wasn't for all those great Japanese records that our friends at inconstant sol have been posting the last couple of years.
 I will say that I faced a conundrum when I picked up this lp. As usual I had more records in my pile than my budget allowed. But this record had two names that I had finally become acquainted with that I knew I really dug. Watanabe, the leader and Masahiko Togashi, the percussionist, whom I had several lps that seriously smoked.
 The point was that I had several records in my hands that I loved but only had rips of, but this was new stuff. Unheard and untested. Yet I felt confident that it would be up my alley. I just hoped the flute and guitar didn't play too prominent roles. The Cole Porter tune was the clincher. I slipped one of the other records back into the bin and took this in the pile to the counter. Couldn't wait to get home and listen, although that would be a couple of days and many lps later.
 Well the flute was certainly in the lead on the first track but damn it, it was still pretty cool. By the time the guitar finished it's turn in the spotlight, I was a believer. This ensemble is tight, with not a slacker in the bunch. I hope it makes a believer outta you as well.


1. Vichakani
2. Musitoni
3. Pamoja
4. Ev'rytime we Say Goodbye

Sadao Watanabe - alto sax, flute
Hiroshi Fukumura - trombone
Yoshiaki Masuo - guitar
Takehiro Honda - piano
Isao Suzuki -bass
Hiroshi Murakami - drums
Masahiko Togashi - percussion

recorded live 10.27.75 at Yomiuri Hall, Tokyo

East West records EW-8022


Hookfinger said...

I wish this had sounded better but our mysterious friend flat5 cleaned it up admirably. He deserves a round of applause. Enjoy this vinyl rip...


Wallofsound said...

Thnaks to you Hook and flat5.

rm said...

thank you very much.
Isao Suzuki plays bass;
Hiroshi Murakami - dr

Juby said...

Thank you so much for posting this! Really excited to hear it.

Hookfinger said...

Hey rm - you're absolutely right. Don't know how I messed that up. Maybe the whisky! Fixed now but a big hug for pointing it out.

corvimax said...

watanabe in the 70's has made admirable things, this is new to me, many thanks

MrBill said...

Thanks so much! I love the playing of both Watanabe and Honda - can't wait to hear this!

Andy said...

Thanks, A Watanabe album I haven't got.