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Monday, May 7, 2012

Clarinet Summit - Southern Bells

Clarinet month continues! But we don't fall too far from the original tree. This is the studio follow up to the previous Summit lps...although it only  took 3 years for them to do so.
 Once again you get a couple of more Ellington tunes. Don't cry, they're pretty goddamn cool. The originals shine and would hold the stage if the Perdido duet wasn't so perfect.

1. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
2. Fluffy's Blues
3. I Want To Talk About You
4. Beat Box
5. Southern Bells
6. Perdido
7. Mbizo

Alvin Batiste - clarinet
John Carter - clarinet
Jimmy Hamilton - clarinet
David Murray - bass clarinet

Recorded 3/29/87 at Golden Thumbs Records, Atlanta Georgia

produced by David Murray

Black Saint vinyl  BSR 0107


Dreamtime Code said...

Mister, I posted a CD rip of this a couple months back. This is redundant and a step down, all I'm saying.

Hookfinger said...

Perhaps you would leave a link to your blog and let us be the judge of that.

-Otto- said...

Thank you, HF! I'm glad the link is still active.