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Friday, April 24, 2009

Duke Ellington - Liberian Suite

Now we have the real shit. Easily one of my favorite Duke pieces and one you rarely see posted. Not a rip from the original but a rip from of those goofy CBS "Do You Like Jazz" Euro reissues. This one is Dutch and has "A Tone Parallel to Harlem" on the other side. Given that I was well into my 30's before learning to appreciate this music, the originals were far out of my reach. This record has always mesmerized me. These two pieces were composed less than 5 years apart.
Does it really take me to say that Duke Ellington is probably America's greatest composer? Probably not. I have more Duke Ellington lps than any other artist in my record collection, and yet there are still a few I search for. I hope this record brings you as much joy as it has me over the years.
CBS mono 62 686

liberian suite
1. i like the sunrise
2. dance no.1
3. dance no.2
4. dance no.3
5. dance no.4
6. dance no.5
a tone parrallel to harlem
7. the harlem suite


orleyfarm said...

Hook! Thanks for this (to me) new Ellington!

Unknown said...

Wow! never heard of this recording, thanks for posting it! Am looking forward to both tracks...for sure!

the jazzman said...

Thanks. I've never heard this either.

JustPlainHip said...

Just found your blog today - looks great! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the great Ellington music!!!! I have been looking for this one!!!

Cooljazz said...

New to me also. Major gift. Thank you

yotte said...

Waaa-HOOOO!!! I used to play this again and again on my grandparents' 78rpm 'cabinet.' I still have the record but haven't been able to spin it for years (look at me, I'm giddy)! SO GREAT. Thanks!

Nick said...

Liberian Suite and Tone Poem to Harlem are on the Columbia cd issue of "Ellington Uptown" I believe, though I don't know if they're the same recordings as this. Wonderful, wonderful music. Thank you!

josé neves said...

i came by chance to this post and blog and it's a wondeful discovery. Thanks for this!

mr phil said...

Thanks a million for this rarity.
At the moment I'm reading Duke's 1973 bio "Music Is My Mistress" and I saw it there.

BTW, I have a Liberian friend here in Paris with whom I'll share the Suite.

cheeba said...

Excellent! I have a chipped, for all intents and purposes unlistenable vinyl copy and a 96k rip I found on Napster waaay back. Big thanks for allowing me to hear it in any type of fidelity!!

Hookfinger said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by - this is truly one of my favorite lps.

swamielmo said...

Thanks Hookfinger,