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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Hub of Hubbard

After Freddie Hubbard's recent passing, it was time to dig up an old gem and relisten with fresh ears. I probably hadn't listened to this record in 10 years, but I was handsomely rewarded with the playing...and so I share it with you.

The Hub of Hubbard

1972 BASF

Freddie Hubbard - Trumpet
Richard Davis - Bass
Eddie Daniels - Tenor sax
Roland Hanna - Piano
Louis Hayes - Drums

produced by Joachim E. Berendt

1. Without A Song
2. Just One Of Those Things
3. Blues For Duane
4. The Things We Did Last Summer


Unknown said...

thanks a lot for this gem!

OldHippieRick said...

I all ready had this one but a 1969 copy.
I got overseas back in the day.. here is the info
1st issue
produced by Joachim E. Brandt
Recorded at MPS-Studio, Villingen/Black Forest, Dec. 9th, 1969

the reissued BASF 1972 & 1974 and differant producers it was reissued 2 more times and well worth doing Sir Rolland Hanna and Freddie are just out standing on this LP no matter which copy you have some say the 1974 copy was the best remix.. I can't tell & I have heard all copies.. ~ rick