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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shorty Rogers - Martians Come Back

No one, especially Shorty Rogers took this seriously, especially with that cover, and the song titles, please!

But still Rogers had a knack for pulling together a bunch of guys and playing these wonderful west coast arrangements that obviously danced around in his head.

Sometimes music is just about having fun. I have always thought this is a perfect example of that.

Big and swinging, small and swinging, it doesn't matter. It all swings in a very irreverent manner. This is a record will likely have to be sold in my estate sale, whatever that may be.

And who the hell thinks they will be taken seriously with that cover??

Shorty Rogers and His Giants
Martians Come Back

1. Martians Come Back
2. Astral Alley+
3. Lotus Bud
4. Dickie's Dream
5. Papouche
6. Serenade In Sweets
7. Planetarium
8. Chant Of The Cosmos

Shorty Rogers - trumpet, flugelhorn
Harry Edison, Conte Candoli, Pete Candoli, Don Fagerquist - trumpet
Bud Shank - alto sax
Jimmy Guiffre - clarinet, tenor sax
Bob Enevoldsen - trombone
John Grass - french horn
Paul Sarmento - tuba
Earl Grey - piano
Lou Levy - piano
Ralph Pena - bass
Shelly Manne - drums

Atlantic 1232

ripped from original vinyl in glorious mono


cheeba said...

Love the Shorty! As you say, he could assemble quite the group, mostly due to his work with major film studios.

Speaking of which, seeing The Three Little Bops cartoon he made with Stan Freberg for WB was one of my earliest exposures to jazz, ranking up there with Spider-Man, Space Ghost and Johnny Quest.

My copy of this is horrible, so this will likely be a major improvement. Thanks!

Hookfinger said...

Nice to se ya back around, Cheeba.

cheeba said...

Hey, you said "Martians Come Back" so I did!


chazz said...

Another fine post.Actually Shorty Rogers was born one Milton Rajonsky in my homet won of Great Barrington Mass (other notable was W.E. Dubois and we had first street lights in USA).Then as boy he moved to NYC 3 hours away and then became Shorty Rogers and headed west (young man).Fine player who could do it all in studio with LP and film music (or even in front of camera you can see him leading combo in "Man With The Golden Arm" with Sinatra whose drumming was dubbed in by Shelley Manne

Unknown said...

My Uncle Paul Sarmento is playing tuba on this album! He played bass most of his career but did quite a bit of tuba work in hollywood. He passed away a couple years ago. There is a Facebook page dedicated to him.

iggy said...

Thanks so much for putting up Shorty and his buddies. One of my favorite Shorty appearances is during the first season of Peter Gunn at Mothers. Mother actually introduces Pete to Shorty. May have been the coolest TV series ever. Some of those first episodes had dialog that sounded like hipster poetry. Maybe it was.

Best to you,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, listened to mine the other day, and this will save the recording process.