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Thursday, January 7, 2010

8 Ways to Jazz the music of Cole Porter

Absolutely dig Cole Porter. Probably my greatest, (not so) secret indulgence.

And damn if he didn't translate well to the jazz idiom.

This is one of my favorites and honestly, I'm gonna let the tunes speak for themselves without my purple prose.

1. Looking At You
2. Easy To love
3. I Love You
4. Love For Sale
5. Everytime We Say Goodbye
6. I Get A Kick Out Of You
7. Get Out Of Town
8. All Of You

1. - Trigger Alpert All Star Seven: Joe Wilder - trumpet; Urbie Green - trombone; Tony Scott - clarinet and tenor sax; Zoot Sims - tenor sax; Al Cohn - baritone sax; Albert - bass; Ed Shaughnessy - drums.
Arrangement - Marty Paitch.
Nov. 1956

2. Mundell Lowe Quartet; Lowe - guitar; Billy taylor - piano; Les Grinage - bass; Ed Thigpen - drums
March 1957

3. Bill Evans Trio: Evans - piano; Teddy Kotick - bass; Paul Motian - drums
Sept. 1956

4. Bobby Jaspar Quintet; Jaspar - tenor sax; George Wallington - piano; Wilbur Little - bass; Elvin Jones - drums
May, 1957

5. Sonny Rollins Quartet: Rollins - tenor sax; Sonny Clark - piano; Percy Heath - bass; Roy Haynes - drums
June, 1957

6. Ernie Henry Quartet: Henry - alto sax; Wynton Kelly - piano; Wilbur ware - bass; Philly Joe Jones - drums
Sept. 1957

7. Herbie Mann's Californians: Mann - bass clarinet; Jack Sheldon - trumpet; Jimmy Rowles - piano; Buddy Clark - bass; Mel Lewis - drums
Arrangement by Herbie Mann
July, 1957

8. Gigi Gryce Jazz Lab Quintet: Gryce - alto sax; Donald Byrd - trumpet; Wade Legge - piano; Wendell Marshall - bass; Art Taylor - drums
Arrangement by Donald Byrd
Feb. 1957

Riverside RLP 12-272


the jazzman said...

Nice one. Thank you.

cheeba said...

Thanks for the invite! It sounds like a good place to bone up on my Cole Porter. I know the dozen or so recognizable (to me) standards but not much beyond that.

Olde Edo said...

Hello, just discovered your blog...wow! What a treasure chest! Thanks for all the effort to make these gems available. I, too, was raised on vinyl and miss that warm sound (yes, and even the clicks & pops, which seem to define the space of the music, like clouds in the sky).
Regarding this album, great performances!
However, the identities of tracks 4 and 8 are reversed (mistake by the manufacturer?). Gryce=Love For Sale is #4, Jaspar=All Of You is #8.
Thanks again from a Pittsburgh ex-pat living in Tokyo!

Baron said...

Thanks HGs ... What a treat to hear CPorter jazzed ... WDeParis did it a good job too ... Baron VB

Hookfinger said...

Edo - The track listing is different on the lp and the sleeve, never even noticed it. Nice catch!