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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bill Evans - Empathy

Bill Evans cultivated this certain feeling. He knew how to work it.

Bill Evans records always made you feel like a perfect summer night. Warm. Clear. All The Stars Are Out.

But early on he had not yet perfected that. But this may very well have been the starting point.

Very much a piece of it's time and label. You know what to expect and you get it. But you cannot be disappointed. This is nice stuff.

Tonight the air is a crisp 15 degrees, the moon is full but fuzzy with fog. What a better way to listen to this record for a few minutes on the porch.

Soon Evans will be a bit more exploratory. Soon I can stand outside and stare at the sky for awhile without freezing my ass off.

Shelly Manne/Bill Evans with Monty Budwig

1. The Washington Twist
2. Danny Boy
3. Let's Go Back To The Waltz
4. With A Song In My Heart
5. Goodbye
6. I Believe In You

Bill Evans - piano
Monty Budwig - bass
Shelly Manne - drums

recorded 8/14/62

Verve records V/V6 8497

Something I found a bit funny.. when I googled the cover, more often than not Evans was listed first on he cover. Mine is the one you see. I wonder when they decided Evans was a better market than Manne?

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SlimStew said...

Thanks for posting this--I owned the LP 20 some odd years ago, but I could never really get into it like I could so many other of Evans' records--I'm interested to see how I receive this music now.