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Friday, September 18, 2009

John Graas - john graas!

Well here's a record that I damn sure couldn't find an image for. Lots of Graas' lps, but not even a photo of the man himself.
(Update - even though it is a small photo - thanks to a couple of folks who directed me to it. This is the cover of the lp I posted.) Thanks one and all for checking in.

This Mercury release is sorta self titled but carries the impressive subtitle "Engrossing Experimental Music From The Foremost French Hornist In Jazz" Lofty stuff!

The list of players is a veritable who's who of west coast cool. If you are a fan of that this lp is for you.

Be forewarned - this lp is the first in a series of what I will refer to as "dollar lps". I will not be fixing them up (I don't have the means at this time,) - they will be chock full of pops and crackle. It's just the way it is. I would never be unhappy if someone found one of these recordings and attempted a clean-up. Good luck to ya.

Unfortunately this first offering seems to be light on the credits, which are only referred to through the liner notes. I will set forth as much info as I can.

Although this record may seem dated - it is damn fun. Warts and all....

John Graas
john graas!

1. Van Nuys Indeed
2. Developement
3. Land Of The Broken Toys
4. Swing Nicely
5. Walkin' Shoes*
6. Blues Street
7. Rogeresque*
8. Blocksounds

John Graas - french horn
Conte Candoli - trumpet
Art Pepper - alto, tenor* sax
Bob Cooper - tenor sax, oboe
Buddy Collette - baritone sax, flute
Paul Moer - piano
Larry Bunker - drums, xylophone, tympani
Buddy Clark - bass
Red Callender - tuba
Pete Candoli - trumpet

Mercury SR 80200


Collectionist said...

Thanks for the post. Here is a link to the album art:

Take Care!dr

randomdude said...

There's a tiny picture of the album cover at


The same tracks were issued under the
name "Coup de Graas"

These tracks are also included on the
Jazz-Man-Tics album.

randomdude said...

There's a tiny picture of the album cover at


These same tracks were also issued as
"Coup de Graas", and they're included in
the "Jazz-Man-Tics" album.

Luis said...

Go to:

to get a cover and info about this album. Thank you for the post

the jazzman said...

I've cleaned this up nicely. 99% of clicks and pops gone.

I am giving you the link here to the album.

I would like your permission to post this album on my blog.


Hookfinger said...

Ah, jazzman, many thanks for the clean copy. Post away. E-mail me so we can talk. I love the clean-up.

And everybody thank him for the better copy.

bhowani said...

john graas

yes ! thank you jazzman !