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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Don Patterson with Booker Ervin

Is this "soul jazz"? Is this "acid jazz"? Why does it have to be so complicated?

There is just something so beefy sounding about and organ/tenor trio, isn't there? I mean when I think trio I usually think of something light, with a lot of space. Well there is plenty of space here and they know how to use. Not much on the lightness though. Slow jams just meant for the late nightclub crowd.
Or better yet, never meant to be played in public. Perfect for when you bring that special friend home and serve up the nightcaps. Make hers strong, and by the time you get to side two make sure the music is turned up just enough that conversation is secondary and groovin' is mandatory.

The Exciting New Organ of Don Patterson with Booker Little

1. S'bout Time
2. Up In Betty's Room
3. Oleo
4. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
5. The Good Life

Don Patterson - organ
Billy James - drums
Booker Ervin - tenor sax

ripped from the original Prestige lp, 1964, PR 7331

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