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Friday, September 4, 2009

Chet Baker Trio - This Is Always

Sometimes I think I like Chet Baker's later records better than the earlier ones. Here is a man who has established himself and no longer feels the need to prove anything.

Baker's career parallels Art Pepper's in many ways. The excessive drug use should have snuffed the flame many years ago but they both kept putting out great lps right up to the end. The fire may have dimmed a bit but it was always enough to keep you warm and cozy.

This live trio session may be one of my favorite Baker recordings. He seems so comfortable with the group, the venue, the setlist and the audience.

I believe I read somewhere once that this was the second night of an engagement. I would like to hear the first night to see if he pulled that off as calmly or if this recording is more settled.

Chet Baker Trio
This Is Always

1. How Deep Is The Ocean
2. House Of Jade
3. Love For Sale
4. This Is Always

Chet Baker - trumpet, vocals
Neils-Henning Orsted Pedersen - bass
Doug Raney - guitar

Recorded live at Montmartre, Copenhagen

SteepleChase SCS 1168

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