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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eddie Bert - Like Cool

There's just something about the trombone and heavy snow that go together. Eddie obviously knew that from this lp cover. Tonight I am looking at another foot of the white stuff and it looks like a day off tomorrow. A great night to post a record like this.

Like any good snowstorm, this starts languid and slow but picks up steam as she goes. By the time everything wraps up, you have a pretty nice little overlooked bop album.

All told, Hank Jones' piano rules this record.

Like Cool
The Contemporary Trombone Artistry of Eddie Bert

1. I'm Through With Love
2. Blue Beetle...Original
3. In A Meditating Mood
4. Father Time
5. Cool School Days
6. Pennies From Heaven
7. Home Cookin'
8. Speedster

Eddie Bert - trombone
Dave Schildkraut - tenor sax
Barry Galbraith - guitar
Hank Jones - piano
Clyde Lombardi - bass
Osie Johnson - drums

I have seen this record listed several ways. Everything tells me it was recorded sometime in 1955. You are getting a copy of my vinyl...

Somerset P-5200


SlimStew said...

Thanks for this--I love Eddie's work on those 2 early NY period Mingus records, wth George Barrow, and Shildkraut I've only heard on die B of Miles' "Walkin", but he kills on that--can't wait to dial this one up.

jazz-bone said...

great disco....eddie bert is a fantastic trombone player, and I like the sound when he plays together a guitar....beautiful mix!!
thank you


the jazzman said...

Nice find. I don't seem to recall this one.

aroonie said...

New to me and nice to find Dave Schildkraut again.

stringbender said...

What a lovely LP - Thanks very much.

moha said...

I was just investigated after SHildkraut and find this Bert album at the end! Thank You!