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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kenny Drew Trio - Introducing the

Being on BN, I would have thought this would be a little easier to run across. Mine is a replica of a very rare 10'er.
 This Drew's first outing as a leader. Even though there are only two originals, this is a great example of just past bebop jazz. the version of "It Might As Well Be Spring" is an absolute smoker. i listened to this record this evening as the sun was setting and the grill was wafting the sweet smell of charcoal and apple wood. I was amazed at how long it had been since I played the wonderful record. I am happy to share it here.

1. Yesterdays
2. Stella By Starlight
3. Gloria
4. Be My Love
5. Lover Come Back To Me
6. Everything Happens To Me
7. It Might As Well Be Spring
8. Drew's Blues

Kenny Drew - piano
Curly Russell - bass
Art Blakey - drums

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