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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jimmy Smith - Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf

The last time I saw this record offered in the blog-o-sphere was almost 4 years ago. It was at Orgy In Rhythm, a fine place to visit. It's time for my copy and my tale.

First, my Jimmy Smith introduction story. I don't know where I first heard of him, I suspect it was through the NPR station outside Chicago. However I was enlightened, my first purchase was a Verve "Best of" collection. Or so I thought...
Usually I pull every record out of the sleeve and check the condition... must've missed this one because when i got home I found I had a copy of Organ Grinder Swing stuffed into the wrong sleeve.
Later as I was to discover I enjoyed this lp far more than I liked the "best of" that I should have purchased. I am confident to this day that had I ended up with that "best of" record it would have taken far longer to explore Smith's catalog. As it was, I thought the lp swing like a mofo.

Many years later I ran across this lp, which I had not even seen, not even so much as a review. Why? Was it that shitty? By now I knew Smith has crossed over into cheese at times (re: Verve - best of). I took the chance for a couple of bucks. What the hell? Even if no musicians are listed, arrangements were by Oliver Nelson, his rep was good enough for me. So the arrangements are shared by some fellow named Claus Ogerman... this is nice stuff. Recorded by Van Gelder and produced by Creed Taylor, we've heard those names before.

Jimmy Smith
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

1. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
2. Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (pt.1)
3. Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? (pt.2)
4. John Brown's Body
5. Wives And Lovers
6. Women Of The World
7. Bluesette

Jimmy Smith - Hammond B3
other personnel unnamed

recorded in NYC, Jan. 20, 21, and 27, 1964

Verve records V6-8583


Butch said...

Jimmy Smith- "Who's Afraid of Virginia Voolf"
Thank you Hookfinger!
Jimmy be sizzlin on the B3.

chazz said...

Yeah.While I thought Jimmy Smith's whole BN output was great some of his Verve stuff produced by the Jazz Anti-Christ Creed Taylor (he or Dave Grusin I don't know truce face of evil) his Verve work was uneven.I mean Goldfinger I AND II???Has cover to match.But sometimes you need some Cheese.He got my respect back with "Root Down".Nice post though.

chazz said...

On yeah if you bcan find it check out Claus Olgerman's "Rock-Ola!" which is great as th title is bad!