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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dolo Coker - Dolo

Has really been a couple of months since I posted? Damn technology holding me back. Well, I am trying something new so let's see how this works. An obscure little jazz record that I love.
More info if it works....
Dolo Coker was famous for his record California Hard which featured saxophonist Art Pepper.
This one from '77 features the cream of the west coast studio guys at the time.

You'll find this gem here. Xanadu 139
Dolo Coker - piano
Blue Mitchell - trumpet and flugelhorn
Harold Land - tenor sax
Leroy Vinnegar - bass
Frank Butler - drums
1. Dolo
2. Affair In Havana
3. Lady Hawthorne, Please
4. Field Day
5. Never Let Me Go
6. Smack Up
recorded 12/26/76
produced by Don Schlitten


neil said...

Have got California Hard, so can't resist this - especially with Harold Land!
Many thanks...

Newlyner said...

Would love to hear this recording. Any chance you could re-list it. Thanks.

Hookfinger said...

Link is relisted. Enjoy.