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Monday, September 8, 2014

Ken McIntyre Sextet...Intoducing The Vibrations

 I was surprised when I found this was a one off record. Bought it originally for the japanese connection. Found I loved it for far more than that.
  These guys pull off that slow burn groove that just kills me. especially late summer nights on the porch. And Hino throws a little gas on the fire occasionally.

1. Theme
2. Eileen
3. Shortie
4. Clear Eyes
5. Now Is The Time
6. Miss Priss

Ken McIntyre - alto sax,flute, bass clarinet, oboe, bassoon
Terumasa Hino - trumpet, flugelhorn
Richie Harper - piano
Alonzo Gardner - bass
Andre Strotbert - drums
Andy Vega - congas, percussion

recorded 10/30/76

vinyl rip


Hookfinger said...
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rev.b said...

Hey, if women and/or chicken are showing up, count me in!

DoubleA said...

Wow! This has got to be great. Thanks.

rm said...

thank you very much

-Otto- said...

I shall take your advice. Thank you, HF!

soundofjoy said...

hi hook...
this is a wonderful gem...
but...there are some digital distorts...for example: first theme around minute 2.
sounds like a copy from not fully readable CD....

sorry to say....

anyway great music

Hookfinger said...

ok...anybody else notice what soundofjoy is talking about? I haven't listened to the files because I just listen to the lp. If there is a problem, let me know so I can attempt to correct it, please. We ain't perfect but we aim to please!

-Otto- said...

Yep, he is right. At fist listen, the track(s) sounded as if taken from some home-spun tape recording, but now on listening to it more intently, there is a distinct digital jitter in this section of the 01 Theme.mp3 file.

Hookfinger said...

OK then...here is a new rip of the lp.


I had a stack of shit cd's and hopefully that was the problem.
This is a completely new burn done while I was relatively normal. Remember these are vinyl rips with no additives.

Otto - my friend, let me know if it sounds better. And thanks for visiting again.