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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Joe Hunt Trio - self titled.

This is a great little record and it is a shame that it has hardly garnered the attention it should, but so goes the music business.

 Here's the deal, I met Joe after buying and/ or bidding against him for something on ebay. He lived near me and I knew no one in the area and contacted him and he was gracious enough to invite me into his home.  We had several afternoons together with a bottle of wine and some of the finest jazz I have never heard elsewhere.
 You see, Joe drummed for George Russell on those great early records. Later he worked with Stan Getz, Evans  and Gary Burton. He never once mentioned it. He and his wife made me feel so comfortable that it never occurred to me to interview him after I put two and two together. I can not say that I have ever met a more gracious couple.
 But mostly he has spent his time teaching and I was lucky enough to catch him during his brief stay in Harrisburg.

Oh yeah, and he introduced me to Clark Terry. Very cool.

I held off on posting this record until it no longer seemed to be carried in the usual avenues. It may still be available through both the piano player and bassist's websites.


Hookfinger said...

This record still may be available through both the pianist and bassist's websites. I would encourage looking there first

If not here ya go...


If they ask me to pull it, it's gone!

Cooljazz said...

Wonderful album. Thank you.

johnp said...