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Friday, May 23, 2014

Johnny Mandell - I Want To Live

I've really been digging into some soundtracks lately so when I came across this in the collection I was psyched. I had completely forgotten that I owned it. It's one of those damn sleeves with no spine.
 Cool west coast jazz just seems to work for this crazy little film and the best part is it works as well without the visuals. It's unfortunate that some of the pieces couldn't stretch out a bit more.
 Dig that groovy cover, cats and kittens.

1. Main Theme
2. Poker Game
3. San Diego Party
4. Henry Leaves
5. Stakeout
6. Barbara Surrenders
7. Trio Convicted
8. Trip To Corona
9. Peg's Visit
10. Gas Chamber Unveiling
11. Nightmare Sequence
12. Preparations For Execution
13. Letter Writing Sequence
14. The Last Mile
15. Death Scene
16. End Title

Jack Sheldon, Al Porcino, Ed Leddy - trumpets
Frank Rosolino, Milt Bernhart, Dave Wells - trombones
Dave Wells - bass trumpet
Vince de Rosa, Sinclair Lott, John Cave, Dick Parisi - french horns
Harry Klee - picolo and flutes
Abe Most, Bill Holman - clarinets
Joe Maini, Marty Berman - bass clarinets
Joe Maini, Bill Holman, Chuck Gentry - saxes
Red Mitchell - bass
Pete Jolly - piano
Al Hendrickson - guitar
Shelly Manne, Larry Bunker, Mel Leweis, Milt Holland, Mike Pacvhenco - percussion
Kathryne Julye - harp

Arrangement by Johnny Mandell

taken from imported lp London SAH-T 6024


Hookfinger said...

Dig it cats and kittens...we all want to live...

bhowani said...

Miaoww ! Thanks a lot, HF (and what a line-up !!)

brianbrora said...

Never heard this one before, many thanks.

jimeddy9 said...

Wow, very much appreciated, another great find. Many thanks...jimeddy

Frasco said...

thank you very much hook!

cvllos said...

This is a real Hook's Gem!
And I'll have the chance to recall those wonderful sounds and solos that I heard once in my distant life.
Thanks too much for your precious ripping!

Unknown said...

Many many thanks for all your great posts and the very concise yet swinging descriptions. I love jazz soundtracks. I have the Gerry Mulligan version of " I Want To Live" that also a killer. Do you like the Leith Stevens "Wild One" LP ? Great job and thanks again !

Ned from Mallorca, Spain

agmosk said...

This is great! thank you!