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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jay Hoggard - mystic winds, tropic breezes

I first heard this record while the India Navigation blog was being assembled. Somehow I screwed up and only recorded 3 of the 4 songs Of course the link had died before I realized this. I loved the damn disc I burned but I always felt I was being cheated. And then one day...when I am in some far too crowded with junk antique store, I find an immaculate copy of this lp for the outrageous price of 15.00. The owner was as happy to grab my tenner as I was to race outta there with my new treasure!
 It appears that the folk over at OIR posted this way back in 08. With the India Navigation blog history, I think it's time this makes it's reappearance, hopefully finding a few new fans.

From my new vinyl....

1. Mystic Winds, Tropical Breezes
2. The Golden Ashanti
3. Other Side Of The Ocean
4. Listen In Silence

Jay Hoggard - vibes
Cecil McBee - bass
Anthony Davis - piano
Billy Hart - drums
Don Moye - percussion
Dwight Andrews - bass clarinet
Wilson Moorman III - tympani

1982 India Navigation   IN 1049


Hookfinger said...


Sergio said...

Congratulations! Excellent album!

george said...

Many thanks, Hookfinger!

bhowani said...

Many thanks, sandor, for sharing this one.

Hookfinger said...

You are all very welcome!

Adrian said...

Thanks a lot for the nice album.
Jay is a very good vibes player but he insists a little bit too much on free playing, according to my taste.
I've done some cracks cleaning and sound enhancing (not too much due to the strung low frequencies on the left channel) and here is the result:


Unfortunately I wasn't able to find suitable covers....

Scion said...

I am posting the artwork at: