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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Taste Of The Best From World Pacific

Hell, I wanna post this record almost as much for the cover as the music. Everything about this record is just about its period. I can see this spinning on the Hi-fi at my bachelor pad, except I'm not that old and was never that cool. Prepared for the industry the year I was born, I wonder which of us has held up better? The competition may have been tougher if they had mined Pacific's vaults a bit more, but I realize that was not the intention.
There is nothing unreleased on here as far as I know although there a bit of stuff you won't find easily.
On the bright side..."all the selections were chosen for broad appeal and brevity..."
"All necessary information to facilitate and stimulate frequent play is included in the chart below."

The Major Names In Modern Music - On World Pacific

1. Let's Face The Music and Dance
2.The Folks Who love On The Hill
3. Siren Song
4. Smoke gets In Your Eyes
5. Put Away Your Dreams
6. 'Round About Midnight
7. In A Mellowtone
8. Lullaby Of The Leaves
9. Dance of The Siamese Children
10. Rhymes Have I
11. Disc Jockey Jump
12. Jersey Bounce
13. It Don't Mean A Thing
14. The Preacher
15. Don't Be That Way
16. That Old Feeling
17. Look For The Silver Lining
18. September In The Rain
19. Guitar For Sale
20. Raga Mishra Piloo

1. David Allen w/ Bill Holman Orch.
2. David Allen w/ Johnny Mandel Orch.
3. Pat Healy w/ Fred Katz  Orch.
4. Bud Shank w/ Len Mercer Orch.
5. Bud Shank - Bob Cooper Orch.
6. Gil Evans and his Orch.
7. Chico Hamilton Quintet
8. Chico Hamilton Trio
9. The Mastersounds
10. The Mastersounds
11. Gerry Mulligan and the Sax Section
12. Gerry Mulligan Quartet
13. Annie Ross w/ Gerry Mulligan Quartet
14. Gerry Mulligan w/ Vinnie Burke Strings
15. Bob Brookmeyer - Jimmy Guiffre Quintet
16. Chet Baker Quartet
17. Chet Baker - Bill Perkins Quintet
18. Harry Edison Quartet
19. Shorty Petterstein!
20. Ravi Shankar w/ Charur Lal

World Pacific ST 779


OldHippieRick said...

Thanks it a rare gem indeed and what year were you born?? so I'll know what year this radio DJ LP is from..
¿. ☮ldhíppíℯЯíck ♪

OldHippieRick said...

Gee what a shame indeed this is quite the gem with some very cool cuts from DJ-2 (Various) A Taste Of The Best From World Pacific just the cut from Henry Jacobs aka Shorty Petterstein, was a cult classic from 'The Wide Weird World Of Shorty Petterstein' LP (1958 - World Pacific Records WPM 412)alone is worth admission but here the problem


All I Ever Get is [Error 324] even if I try to to just connect to the home page to sign on for an account are you sure that's the link page???
{(net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.} so sorry this one being a bear to get it sure has me wanting it more LOL

Hookfinger said...

Hey Rick - I was born in 58, my friend. The link seems to work, even when copied from your comment. If you are still having problems, e-mail me. We'll get you a copy of this, brother.

moha said...

great compilation, some tracks I've never heard. Thanks Hook!

lena said...

A gem indeed, thank you for onve again posting formidable proof that there has been jazz before hard bop.
I have never got hold of Bud Shank's "I'll take romance" album with Len Mercer Strings; according to AMG ist is not at all ephemeral
Does anybody have it?

rubberduck said...

Very nice, I'm hearing the fisrt vocals tracks and I really love this old fashioned flavour.

many thanks

Den said...

and the fact that SENDSPACE is still working, it's wonderfully still happening, in almost all cases so far.

TO oldhippieRick: WFMU's got your back