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Monday, September 12, 2011

Nina Simone - Forbidden Fruit

God bless Ella and Sarah, I do so love 'em. But as the  years progressed I often found myself reaching more and more for Nina. Her almost hard-boiled approach to the songs sends shivers down my spine.

Recorded in 1960 - the label included no musician credits. We have geeks for that nowadays. Welcome geeks mind you.. I meant no disrespect. I love the archivists and compilers. Really I do...

Anyway I give you ..

Nina Simone 
forbidden fruit

1. Rags and Old Iron
2. No Good Man
3. Gin House Blues
4. I'll Look Around
5. I Love To Love
6. Work Song
7. Where Can I Go Without You
8. Just Say I Love Him
9. Memphis In June
10. Forbidden Fruit

CP 419


Le Porc Rouge said...

Beautiful album, great share, Hook.

This excellent page about Nina may even be of interest for a pronounced non-geek like you ;-)


According to their discog we have

Nina Simone vocal, piano - Al Schackman guitar - Chris White bass - Robert Hamilton drums

Baron said...

Thanks HF ... Baron

May be back later with geekinfo!

Baron said...

Nina Simone - piano/vocals
Al Schackman - guitar
Chris White - Bass
Bobby Hamilton - drums

NYC 1961


swamielmo said...

great nina, i really dig her thank you

popsi11911 said...

Thanks HF for the Nina. I'm gathering as much of her music as i can, and this will be my 3rd album of her. She has so many i doubt i will get them all, but i am much appreciative for your post. Thanks again.