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Thursday, July 16, 2009

mal waldron - up popped the devil

Contrary to simple thinking that enja only showcases quiet, meditative third stream recordings, some of these earlier ones are freaking burning down the barn.

A great trio recording made just before Mal basically headed down a quieter path. I love Waldron in group settings and this is by far one of my favorites. I've even managed to accept the guest flautist but I still carry reservations concerning the instrument.

With all respect I must say that I got this recording from another blog a couple of years ago, but I will be damned if I remember where ( and I have tried to figure it out.) To the original poster, my many thanks for such a great record.

Recorded NYC 12-28-73
enja 2034-1

Mal Waldron - piano
Reggie Workman - bass
Billy Higgins - drums
Carla Poole - flute (tr. 2)

If you are so inclined, it can be found here.


Newk said...

Hello...just stumbled onto your blog for the first time. Thanks so much for the two recent Waldrons, which have blessed my ears and being. Looking forward to digging through your archives as well!

Hookfinger said...

Thanks for saying hi, newk. Be on the lookout for more posts as soon as the new cd burner arrives.

Art Simon said...

Wow! What a hard hitting set. Best I've heard of Mal Waldron. Very cool! Thanks so much!

sitarswami said...

Thanks for this wonderful lp. Check out the Orgy in Rhythm blog for another great Waldron trio date(Tokyo Bound: http://orgyinrhythm.blogspot.com/2009/12/mal-waldron-tokyo-bound.html

taro nombei said...

greetings and many thanks for these Waldron shares. Great stuff. I'm on a Waldron jag at the moment, following Bacoso's latest post at Orgy In Rhythm.
keep up the great work!

Peter said...

It is indeed a rare session - fine musicianship all round. I had it on vinyl, as well as the Kuhns' Monday Morning (with Surman, Barre Phillips, Eje Thelin) with "Dance of a Spaceman" blasting it out on both channels ... it was all about space and spacement then, man .. :D

THanks a million again!